A proper Visitor Management system empowers more than just digitization of visitor management registers. Hence it is important for you to have a proper check list to decide the right and best Visitor Management System for your workplace. Here’s the list that helps you make a better decision in implementing Visitor Management System for your workplace.

Plug and play Visitor Management System – First thing to consider while choosing a visitor management system is that it should be plug and play with latest functionality and features. It should be easy to operate and functional.

Enterprise Visitor Management System – There are plenty of Visitor Management systems available in the market.

For example:

  • Visitor Management system for housing societies
  • Visitor Management system for housing complexes
  • Visitor Management system for gated communities
  • Visitor Management system for commercial properties
  • Visitor Management system for commercial complex
  • Visitor Management system for hotels
  • Visitor Management system for schools and campuses
  • Visitor Management system for offices
  • Visitor Management system for clubs and resorts
  • Visitor Management system for factories
  • Visitor Management system for manufacturing plants
  • Visitor Management system for warehouses
  • Visitor Management system for SEZ’s
  • Visitor Management system for business parks
  • Visitor Management system for temples to name a few..

Needs of every organization are different and before you make the final decision, you need to validate that your organizational needs would get fulfilled and better served. However if you are exploring visitor management system for your office or commercial premises where you are exploring business visitors then it is advisable to go for Enterprise Visitor Management System only which can have enterprise grade holistic view.

Secure and reliable:

Evaluating security aspects of the Visitor Management System should be your utmost priority as it stores the sensitive data of your organization and visitors. Having a reliable vendor is very important. Please do proper due diligence before finalizing the visitor management system provider. (Are they into data base business? Are they selling your valuable data to the market? Think before you buy!!!). Sign a proper NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with your vendor.

Remember “There are no free lunches in the world.”

Scalable and Flexible: Whether you have one or multiple offices/premises, your Visitor Management System must be easily scalable as per your business needs and be flexible enough to accommodate your organization’s growing business challenges. You should be looking for a product that offers centralized visibility if you are operating in multiple locations.

Support and service:  Please check what SLA (Service level Assurance) your visitor management system vendor is offering and how they are ensuring to manage the same. To validate after sales support of your Visitor Management System vendor, see who your network is using them and try to talk to them to get feedback.

Hardware agonistic: Take better control on your hardware spend and see to it that your Visitor management system vendor is not forcing you to buy hardware of their choice. You should go for hardware agnostic visitor management system.

Cost vs convenience:  Although the cost becomes an important factor in overall evaluation process, remember cheaper products would not necessarily have to serve your interest. Instead of finding the cheapest visitor management system, go for the best visitor management system delivering maximum value for money.

Your focus should always be to deliver Happy Visitor experience.

Happy Visitor Management to you!