Business Park

Privacy through secured visitor management

Securing Business Park Privacy In A Easy Way

Manage Multi-tenant. Minimize threat. Restricted unwanted visitors

Happy Visitor provides a cost-effective and easy to operate a visitor management system for Business Parks that not only tighten security but stringent visitor approval processes. It allows business parks to minimize manpower and reduce operational costs by managing multiple office visitors in a single system. Our comprehensive system lets business park to operate multiple gate entry and exit and gain better control of visitors by allowing you to identify potential threats, leading to avoiding unwanted visitors. Expected visitors can be pre-registered with a passcode, which they can use it as visitor pass.


Why Choose Us?

Multi-level Access

We understand how business parks’ visitor management process works. When a visitor enters the premises, Happy Visitor ensures visitor checks-in / checks-out at the business park front desk as well as company front desk so that visitors cannot roam aimlessly on the premises.

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Multi-Tiered Access

Happy Visitor allows you to zone visitors within a business park so that visitors can only visit approved areas and cannot visit any other buildings without permission. In case a visitor tries to cross restricted areas, an instant alert can be sent to security personnel for immediate action.

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Enhanced Security

For every business park, the first step towards safety and security is to know who’s on the premises. Happy Visitor provides an excellent means for achieving desired security & control. Moreover, it plays a vital role in protecting people, property, and assets.

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Digitized Visitor Pass

We take visitor badges to the next level. Our system lets you use Happy Visitor passcode SMS as a badge and enables business parks to achieve huge cost savings of label printing.

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“ Happy Visitor is a smart tool which helped us to automate & enhance our visitor management experience to our internal stakeholders. This tool helped us to move towards “ Go Green – Initiative” by reducing the usage of papers in the form of replacing many manual registers. The application is user friendly, our internal team is very much happy with the performance, accuracy of SMS and email notification as well. We are very much happy with the Sales and implementation team who have done a commendable job. Thank you. "

Mr. Himachala M.G. AVP - Operations, emids Technologies Pvt. Ltd