Visitor Management System

Let All Your Visitors Be Happy Visitors

Deliver a delightful onboarding experience to your visitors with our New Age Visitor pass system.

Smart, Simple, & Secured Front-Office

Secure Check-In

Secure your visitor’s check-in digitally. No more pen, paper required. Verify visitor verification with pre-registration, OTP validation, photo capture, blacklist feature, and limit the entry of unauthorized visitors.

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Enhanced Visitor Experience

Impress the guests with tech-forward Check-in experience. Say no to queues, collect information from visitors without pushing paper or wasting time, and give your visitor an astonishing experience.

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Go Paperless, Save Tree

Records accurate timings of entry and exit of your visitors. Eliminate hectic paperwork, digitize your front desk, and join hands with us to save millions of trees per year.

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Secure, Manage, & Govern With High-Tech System

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    Smooth Visitor Experience

    Make a good first impression on your visitors by replacing the traditional visitor sign-in book with the advanced technology of automatically capturing visitor demographics along with photo and purpose of visit. Learn more

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    Quick & Easy Customization

    Our software is highly customizable and loved across industries and sectors having varied requirements. Add up the company logos and brand colors of your choice to leave a better impression. Learn more

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    View Real-Time Actions

    Get instant notifications and alerts about who is on your premises, visitors entry & exit time, appointments, staff attendance, access to on-the-ground issues all with the help of real-time dashboard. Learn more

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Explore the powerful features of our visitor management system that
is easy to configure and simple to use.

Visitor Registration

Imagine standing in long queues to sign-in to a register to enter your meeting venue. With Happy Visitor, replace all paper-based visitor registrations with a completely automated visitor management system. A Happy Visitor will enable your employees to pre-register for their visitors or let your visitors pre-register for a meeting all by themselves with the help of an URL or a visitor can also register at your front office. Our visitor management system not only smoothens your front office operations but also saves time for both the host as well as the visitor.

Visitor Kiosks

By adding a Kiosk at your front office, you can now let your visitors self-register for a meeting. Visitors quickly enter their details, take a picture, check-in to and check-out from the premises, and print badges all by themselves. The host is automatically notified about the visitor’s arrival and the front office employee’s time is saved. Adding a visitor kiosk not only increases the bandwidth of your staff but also increases visitor engagement.

Print Customized Badges

Happy Visitor lets you customize visitor badges with your company logo and the fields of your choice. Happy Visitor seamlessly integrates with all the printers and prints passes from your PC or Kiosk. Happy Visitor takes visitor badges to a whole new level with it’s support to eco-friendly reusable badges and e-badges. Happy Visitor can be your partner in your “Go-Green” initiatives.


Create and Manage Multiple Locations

Whether you have offices in Bangalore, New Delhi, London, New York, or around the world, Happy Visitor is ready to manage your visitors. You can use a single Happy Visitor account to create & configure multiple locations and manage it from a single control panel. It also provides centralized visibility on visitors across locations, gives real-time reports, and sync all accounts to your billing cycle for centralized billing.

Automatically Notify your Visitors and Host

It leaves a poor brand impression when a visitor comes and waits on your premises. Happy Visitor helps you avoid having a crowded lobby. Every time a visitor checks-in, an e-mail / SMS notification is sent to the host letting him/her know that the visitor has arrived for the meeting. Also send a helpful notification to your visitors with a google map, direction, and phone number to reach you if they’re late. 

If a visitor forgets to check-out or overstays his visit duration, our visitor management system automatically sends an alert to the host as well as the front office staff. This ensures security on the premises and also keeps the visitor list up to date. Also, in case of an emergency, our visitor management system sends SMS alerts to all visitors on the premises to immediately evacuate.


Real-Time Dashboards

Simplify your visitor searches with Happy Visitor’s real-time dashboards. Happy Visitor dashboard provides a comprehensive view of expected visitors, checked-in visitors, and checked-out visitors along with their photo. You can now get a real-time view of all the visitors on your premises. Visitors can also be checked-in / checked-out directly from the dashboard in just one click.

Streamlined Security

With Happy Visitor, now enhance both digital and physical security at your premises. Our visitor management system records all the visitor details and lets you know who is on your premises, what is the purpose of their visit, how often do they visit, and many more details. With features like digital photo capture, ID details capture, watch-list to keep track of unwarranted visitors, and overstay alerts, you can ensure security on your premises without any exception!


Reuse your Data

Our visitor management software makes the registration of any repeat visitor very simple. Any repeat visitor can register by simply entering their contact number. You can also store and maintain a host address book from where you can quickly choose who the visitor is meeting.

Comprehensive, Centralized Reports

Know your visitor trends with the help of Happy Visitor’s multidimensional reports. Get a centralized view of who is visiting your premises, why, and how often a visitor is visiting. You can also export your reports to Excel / PDF files and store them offline.


Our Exclusive Features


Digitized NDA

Happy Visitor allows visitors to review and sign legal documents like NDA directly on the tab/kiosk or in advance.


Data Security

Happy Visitor captures and stores your visitor data on our secure cloud servers. This means your data is easily accessible and safe.


Regulatory & Audit Compliance

Happy Visitor ensures compliance related to your organization’s norms and gives access to reports and audit trails.


Eliminate IT Expert

Happy Visitor is an easy to deploy, SaaS-based product that can effortlessly be configured and used without the involvement of any IT experts.


Showcase your brand

Happy Visitor leaves a startling impression on your visitor with fully customized tab/kiosk designs, like logo, welcome messages, color theme, etc.


Watch List

Happy Visitor helps you to create your own watch list and make sure security personnel are notified by email and SMS when someone from the list enters your premises.

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Having met a few of the service providers for providing the application for a visitors management system, Happy visitors have been found the most user-friendly tool for creating visitors passes, Registers management & others. We appreciate the back end

support provided in the initial hick-ups for strengthening the team who are managing the front desk. The modules are being used by our team at Chennai, Cuddalore, and Pondy regions. We expect your max support in expanding the modules and support the team to make use of the tool to the max extent possible.

Venkatesh Kuppali Sharma, Manager, Administration, Strides Shasun

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