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Digitalizing the School Management & Security

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Secure School. Safe Student. No Unwanted Visitor

Security and safety are of utmost concern in educational organizations.  Every school ought to know who is in their building and keep unwanted visitors at bay. Happy Visitor is a state-of-the-art visitor management software that helps schools to manage visitors without any hassle. The system captures all the details of the visit, including date and time, a photograph of the visitor, who they are, reason to visit the school along with reason, etc. In the case of an emergency such as fire or threat, to protect visitors, students and staff, front office staff can send an instant SMS Alert to all of them by simply just clicking the “send alert button”.

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Why Choose Us?

Happy Visitor is highly recommended for all schools where student security is the priority. At Happy Visitor, our aim is to make every school secure for students, staff, and along with making the parents and visitors experience exceptional with our best in the class features.

Overdue Alerts

Happy Visitor allows schools set a time limit for every visitor (contractual staff, drivers, Maids, conductor, etc.) coming inside the school premises. In case they’re exceeding the stipulated time limit, an automated overstay alert is triggered to the Security Team.

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Trusted Protection

Automate visitor screening for each visitor against your blacklisted visitor and make sure no one is entering the premises without permission. Happy Visitor is trusted by many schools and colleges to protect students, faculty, and staff more than every other system in the market.

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Zone Visitors

Happy Visitor incorporated visitor zoning features specifically for schools that confined visitor entry only to specific areas in school based on the purpose of the visit so that visitors cannot walk through from one zone to another and harm any student. Colour code Lanyards can also be given to zone visitors.

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Parents – Teacher Meeting

With Happy Visitor, staff no longer have to organize and print parent’s teacher appointment sheets. Our system allows school administration to design, customize, and schedule parent’s teacher meetings and send a confirmation email to parents with the appointment details.

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