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Create Visit. Notify Host. Print Badge. Ensure Safety

Every organization has multiple visitors regularly. However, it is very difficult to manage all the scheduled visits of those visitors at the same time to have a record of them. Happy Visitor offers unique visitor management solutions to manage visitors, enhance the visitor experience, and tighten the overall security of the organization across the enterprise. Replace your visitor sign-in book with our cloud-based visitor management system to seamlessly collect information and enhance the visitor experience with no manual errors and delays. When a visitor arrives, their identity can be verified, their host notified and a professional visitor badge printed, all in just a few seconds.

Why Choose Us?

Happy Visitor is a simple and affordable solution that streamlines all visitor management processes at organizations. Whether your need is to automate the front office operations, track repeat visitors, or to secure your premises, Happy Visitor is a one-stop solution to all.

Easy to operate

Happy Visitor is simple and easy to operate a visitor management system that runs on basic computer and mobile tab. Our system is designed for complete handling of visitors across enterprises where a security guard or receptionist, with less computer knowledge, can operate it.

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Boost Security

With Happy Visitor, now enhance physical security at your premises. Our visitor management system records all the visitor details and lets you know who is on your premises, what is the purpose of their visit, how often do they visit, and many more details.

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Enhance Enterprise Image

Happy Visitor lets you customize the system according to your business needs and leaves a startling impression on your visitor with fully customized tab/kiosk designs, like logo, welcome messages, color theme, etc.

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Multi-Tiered Access

Happy Visitor allows you to zone visitors so that visitors can only visit approved areas and cannot visit any other buildings without permission. In case a visitor tries to cross restricted areas, an instant alert can be sent to the security personnel for immediate action.

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