Manufacturing Plants

A technologically advanced solution to track, control, and monitor visitors

for your manufacturing plants.

An Integrated Identity & Access Control Solution

Improve Security. Zone Visitor. Boost Visitor Safety

Happy Visitor is an easy to use and fully customizable visitor management system for factories or manufacturing plants or warehouses. Using Happy Visitor, a visitor to a factory is screened and registered, visit approved, checked-in, visitor card printed, checked out, etc. Factories are often highly regulated when it comes to sensitive data and security protocols. Visitors can only have access to specific areas around the plant. Happy Visitor enables manufacturers to restrict visitor entry only to specific zones based on their purpose of visit. Apart from this, there are management reports for visitor analysis, emergency evacuation reports, and security alert reports.

Why Choose Us?

A powerful visitor management system created with a compelling purpose, to safeguard staff and contractors, and provide a centralized and standardized process in place for monitoring and managing visitors at factories.

Health and Safety Video

Identify first-time visitors and play Health & Safety videos at the time of visit creation to ensure visitors know workplace health and safety law and set out the principles, duties, and rights in relation to workplace health and safety.

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Manage Industrial Visits

Industrial visits by educational institutions are an integral part of any manufacturing company. Happy Visitor enables bulk upload the visitor information, pre-print visitor badge, and avoid unauthorized entry into restricted areas.

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Evacuation Alert

In case of an emergency evacuation, Happy Visitor helps health and safety personnel to send bulk alerts to all checked-in visitors and employees via SMS / email, and enhance safety and security.

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Zone Visitor

Restrict visitor entry only to specific zones based on the purpose of the visit so that visitors cannot walk through from one zone to another. It helps to manage and track visitors better.

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