What measures are you taking for security in the office? Workplace security doesn’t only include employee computer monitoring. There are many more ahead of that and the important one amongst them is visitor management.

A visitor management system is a solution that clearly states who is allowed to visit your office and what rules they have to abide by when they are there. An effective VMS system includes tracking a visitor’s in and out, visitor identification, and many others. Here are some of the best features of VMS that helps to secure your workplace effectively.

Visitor Badges 

As your employees are provided with id cards similarly your visitors should also have. Most of the visitor management system has a facility to have photo capturing features and therefore it instantly prints a badge with that photo, along with the name, the date on which the pass expires, and some other basic information.

Signature Capture

You are also provided with an option to capture the signature which can be digitally stored into the cloud automatically, which provides an add-on way to verify your visitor’s identity.

Digital Visitor Logs 

Manually written logbook usually takes a lot of time to write and read (because of handwriting). With Visitor Management System you can have a digital logbook, which includes the detailed information of who was there in your office and how long they are, etc. If a problem arises, this information can be referenced and checked against other records, such as a security camera tape.

Private Visitor Record 

With a sign-in sheet of paper guests, someone who comes to your office can also see the name and details of other visitors who come to your office. That is a privacy invasion. At worse, it leaves you vulnerable to those who hack your knowledge for malicious reasons to use. With this VMS, you just know the regular visitors and others who came for the first time, without allowing others to know.