Most of the businesses have taken tons of initiatives for making their workplace ready to survive in this pandemic COVID-19 state. As per different surveys, the best way to keep up their workplaces secured is by implementing a touchless visitor management system. The visitor management system helps in minimizing the need for manual work ( writing, touching substances unnecessarily), that helps to protect its employees and visitors in this state of coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, it also helps employees to go touchless and makes your business adopt safety and health regulations.

But, before moving ahead, let’s know what is Visitor Management System.

The Visitor Management System is a modern-day technological approach to track visitors, as it helps in saving time once they arrive so they are not bothered to check-in and can more quickly get to who they are and why they have come. This system helps in tracking the number of visitors who enter your building or your office. And increases security, allows in staying compliant, simply know more about who’s there on site, etc.

How Visitor Management System Benefits Your Workplace In This Pandemic State?

Instant Notifications

If we talk about offices or workplaces, there are hundreds of people who come and go daily. But your office premises can not be secured if you are not monitoring it. Hence, in this situation, a VMS software helps in providing instant notifications to the management when a guest arrives along with the number of guests visiting the place per day.

Monitor Multiple Entries & Exists

It’s quite common for workplaces to have more than one visitor. In such cases, it becomes quite difficult for the front office staff to manage and track the visitor’s count and check who goes and comes back. If several entrances and exits exist, it is easy for tourists to slip undetected in and out of your premises. Hence, in this situation, VMS helps the best.

Evacuation Management
Emergencies arise in businesses. It’s advised in making a deliberate effort to ensure the health and security of the site. But in these situations, it is a priority to ensure that the staff and guests are all accounted for. A visitor management program helps in telling you just who’s on-site.


For any organization, the health and protection of your company premises, your staff, and your visitors should always be a primary concern. Your first step in the right direction could be to implement the right tools. At Happy Visitor, we’re serious about business security. To know more about our services and solutions, visit