Do you know you can actually save trees by bringing simple changes at your workplace?


Reduce excessive usage of paper. 

As per our recent survey, a medium sized tree can produce 8000 A4 sheets approximately. On an average, a workplace consumes 10-15 sheets per person per day. If we try, we can actually bring down consumption of paper close to ~0%.

But how can we actually reduce paper consumption?

From what we have seen, in any organization, it has become a standard practice that their front offices/reception and gates are piled up with at least 20-30 registers which are predominantly used for maintaining records and movement of various types. These include:

Happy Visitor offers cloud-based subscription driven, complete and comprehensive suit for front office automation, which empowers digitization of all the registers mentioned above. Some of the registers which are workflow driven can also be digitized using Happy Visitor’s module.

Happy Visitor’s Register digitization software practically eliminates use of paper from your front office. For example, digitization of passes such as visitor pass, gate pass, work permits etc.

This also helps you to create environment-friendly workplaces, a step towards GO-GREEN offices.

This also helps you track, control and monitor your records effectively and gives you complete control over the data. (check this line)

When a significant number of organizations all over the world take this simple step, it will become a revolution in saving trees.

There are many ways that can be adopted to save trees. But this is one technological solution that can be easily adopted by anyone.

What are you waiting for? Let’s digitize your registers.

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