Visitor Management Systems are meant to deliver Happy Visitor Onboarding Experiences and safety and security in your workplace. One can always secure the workplace by putting proper checks in place using an efficient visitor management system.

Apart from keeping records of visitors, it is essential to have a proper Visitor Management System with effective track, control, and monitoring features.

Is that all? Nope, here are the 3 things nobody tells you about Visitor Management System.


Reception/front office is known as the face of an organization and the primary interaction point for your employees, customers, contractors, vendors, visitors, investors etc. Everyone is always a visitor for the first time then becomes an employee, vendor etc. To ensure a long lasting first impression, you should have a proper Visitor Management System to deliver a Happy Visitor Onboarding Experience for your visitors.

Here are some suggestions to help you offer a Happy Visitor Experience:

  • Have proper visitor registration areas.
  • Keep proper sign boards for visitors to know the registration areas.
  • Offer multiple options for visitor registration in your Visitor Management System.
    • Self-registration types
      • Kiosk based visitor Management
      • QR based visitor management
    • Assisted registration types
      • Let your front office or security guard initiate the registration.
    • VIP visitor management
      • Have a separate process and provision for onboarding VIP visitors in your visitor management system.
    • Group Check-ins
      • Your Visitor management system should have the provision of making group registrations and check ins easily.
    • Create a visitor lounge for visitors to wait till the host arrives.

Every organization maintains lists of unwelcomed visitors. However, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of unwanted visitors when you are using manual paper-based registers for Visitor Management. This may lead to unavoidable issues at your workplace.

Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid unwanted visitors in your premises.


Data security and privacy of your visitors and internal data should always be given the highest priority.

“Data is the new oil” – Quote by Clive Humby

Here are some suggestions on how to ensure visitors’ data security.

  • Do proper due diligence of your visitor management system’s vendor.
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement with your visitor management system vendor.
  • Go for only Enterprise Grade Visitor Management System
  • Ask your visitor management system vendor these questions:
    • What are all the security checks you have?
    • How do you ensure visitors’ data security?
    • Who all will have access to visitor management data?
  • Do a periodic data security assessment and review with your visitor management system vendor.

Have a Happy Visitor Management to you!!