Office reception plays an important role for creating perception among your employees, Visitors, customers, contractors etc. It has now become a necessity that reception area should be equipped with latest and upgraded technologies according to the needs of your company.

Here are some of the ideas before you start renovating your front-desk.

Visitor management:

To ensure all your visitors are Happy Visitors, you should have a upgraded and advanced Visitor Management System with latest feature and flexibility. Post pandemic, the world has gone touchless. Hence it is also important for you to have contactless visitor management system for delivering convenience to your visitors onboarding and ensure Wow visitor management experience.

Introduce greenery & Indoor plants:

Plants brings positivity by absorbing negative energies and CO2 from the environment , keeping a small plant on your reception will also be a good idea. You can also contribute the eco-friendly movement by digitizing current Visitor management process with Happy visitor’s Visitor Management System.

Day light saving: Use maximum sunlight reduce usage of electricity unless it is needed

Lightening & Graphic decor: In general, natural light is more welcoming and appealing to the eyes than artificial light. When your office has a very dull light then it must be replaced with time as well. For the lightning mounted, all the hardware, furniture and graphics need to be well-positioned so that they achieve the best effects. Depending on the reception area, color options should be, designs should be good & eye soothing.

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