A gate pass management system automates an organization’s entire gate pass management including materials, consumables, visitors, etc. Materials can include items to be shipped or retrieved – likely inter or intra-transferable, returnable, non-returnable, or any other objects.

A common material management system process includes a lot of paperwork and is also highly time-consuming with errors and delays being the norm. Therefore, a gate pass management system eliminates the challenges posed by paper passes. Day to day issues include lack of effective tracking from initial till the end, along with other things involved in the gate pass process.

Let’s dive into the article and know what are the advantages of the material gate pass management system.

No Paper and Printing Required 

A gate pass management system is a software solution that automates the whole gate pass operation. The program does not mean paper use. The requests for gate passes are pulled up on the network.

Any High Level Of Authorities And Approvers

Specific content styles need various degrees of authorizing authority before being able to travel from one location to another. A framework for handling the gate pass content is a modular device. It allows you to add or remove any authorizing levels as required.

Quick & Easy Accessible          

No manual signature is involved for the approval of any pass in a material gate pass management system. A pass may be approved by an approver from anywhere in the world. It is one of the significant benefits of a system for the management of a material gate pass. Because of a person’s physical unavailability, the process does not get stuck.

Create Any Type Of Gate pass 

NRGP and RGP are two types of gate passes which are available. A material gate pass management system helps in tracking both these gate passes. However, based on the company requirement or required material category, any type of gate pass could be created.

Instant Notifications & Alerts

Managing manual gate-pass is highly time-consuming. From raising a request to getting it approved by the relevant authorities by moving ahead to the dispatch, the manual gate pass system involves a lot of things. Therefore, in the material gate pass management system, the concerned person is notified with the necessary information for the required actions. It minimizes the delay time, misplacement, or loss.