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Leading Business Park

The multitenant business park with over 70+ tenant customers based out of Chennai. They have three major towers, and entry and exit of the tower is through controlled turnstile.

As per the process, each visitor entry needs tobe approved by the tenant company, before the visitor is allowed insidethe premises.

Their approval process was either through call letter, joining letter, email from tenant or call based approval.

This was tedious, and led to a huge visitor wait time at the reception area. The passes were printed in thermal label, which had a high running cost.

Our Solution

The multi-tenant preferred to implement Happy Visitor at their premises to address all the above challenges.

Happy Visitor has helped The Multi-Tenant eliminate manual management of visitors by completely automating the process.

Visitor Pre-Registration

Happy Visitor has enabled tenant companies to pre- register their visitors. The pre-registered visitor would receive a passcode, using which visitor can walk-in to the towers.

Easy Visitor Check-In

Hassel free unlimited visitor registration helped them capture visitor details digitally, avoid increased visitor footfall, stringent approval process, and save visitor wait and FOE time.

Improved Productivity

With the help of Happy Visitor, FOE is now able to process visitors faster. The reduced time for processing visitor has enabled FOE to do other activities.

Go Green Badges

The Multi-tenant facility uses Happy Visitor passcode SMS as a visitor badge and this has enabled them to achieve huge cost savings of label printing.

Tower Entry/Exist

Entry and exit to towers is controlled turnstile. At the entry/exit, security validates the passcode which has been sent to Visitor by Happy Visitor and provide access to the turnstile for the visitor.

Enhanced Visitor Safety with Emergency Evacuation Lists

Having real-time visibility into the entire list of visitors from any device anytime has enabled the extract evacuation reports in seconds from anywhere, anytime. The system also sends SMS alerts to all the checked-in visitors with direction as to what to do.

Alerts & Notifications

Happy Visitor sends email invitations with all the details needed to enable visitors to find the right facility. It also sends reminders both via e-mail and SMS to both the host and the visitor in-turn to manage their time better.

  • The Happy Visitor Advantage

  • Faster visitor processing time improves FOE productivity

  • Approved and authenticated visitors lead to better security

  • Improved cost saving by avoiding high cost label printing

  • Comprehensive real-time reports available anywhere, anytime

About Us

“Happy Visitor is one of world’s leading cloud based Visitor Management Solutions. At Happy Visitor, our aim is to make every organization secure for employees along with making the customer experience exceptional with best in the class features like instant notifications, calendar blocking, Google / outlook calendar integrations etc.”


  • Peak time had large number of visitors, vying to get attention of Front Office Executive (FOE)

  • Productivity hampered due to visitor continuously trying to get FOE attention

  • Time Consuming visitor processing

  • Tedious Visitor authentication based on Government ID proof

  • Adhoc Walk-in interview candidates’ registration

  • At each tower, visitors were recorded manually

  • Invariably Approval process consumed more time

  • Lack of real time visibility into visitor details across Tenant Companies

  • Pre-registering expected visitors and delegates was manual, leading to a lot of miscommunication

  • Reports had to be collated and extracted manually from a single PC

  • High cost of label printing

  • Visitor Evacuation in case of any exigency was manual

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