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Our Solution

Zoning of Visitors to avoid Unauthorized Visitor Entry

Manufacturing plants are often highly regulated when it comes to sensitive data and security protocols.

Visitors can only have access to specific areas around the plant. Happy Visitor enabled the manufacturer to restrict the visitor entry only to specific zones based on their purpose of visit.

This made sure that the visitor did not just walk around the building moving from one zone to another.

The visitor information is tracked in real time and the information will be available to guide the security guard in case of any discrepancy.

Enhanced Visitor and Employee experience

The lack of visibility into expected visitors, delegates and government officials was posing a major challenge. The visitors had to call multiple times to get proper directions.

Happy Visitor helped improve visitor experience with it’s pre-registration function. Happy Visitor sends email invitations with all the details needed to enable visitors to find the right facility.

It also sends reminders both via e-mail and SMS to both the host and the visitor in-turn to manage their time better.

With over 2000 employees working across locations, non-local employees are also managed through Happy Visitor with multi-day/ multi-visit employee passes.

Easy Management of Industrial Visits

Industrial visits by educational institutions are an integral part of any manufacturing company. Registering all the students and faculty coming in for the industrial visit was posing a huge challenge to the manufacturer. Happy Visitor enabled them to bulk upload the visitor information and pre-print visitor pass with restricted entry to specified zones. This not only helped them manage the industrial visits better, but also helped track students and avoided unauthorized entry into restricted areas.

Real-time Visibility leading to Improved Security

Every time a visitor enters the premises, Happy Visitor notifies the host with an email notification giving them a heads up to say “Hello” to the visitor coming to meet them with a photo embedded to identify them.

Real-time reports have enabled them to gain visibility into the visitors checking-in / out across all 4 locations. From security and safety perspective, they know exactly who is present on each location at any given time. Error-free, consistent visitor data and reports also help providing a clear audit trail.

Reports are quickly and automatically generated on daily, weekly or monthly basis using custom data points and with multiple export options.

Boosted Visitor Safety with Emergency Evacuation Lists

Having real-time visibility into the entire list of visitors from any device anytime has enabled the extract evacuation reports in seconds from anywhere, anytime. This assists them during emergency evacuations by dispatching SMS alerts to all checked-in visitors letting them know that there is an evacuation in effect and sharing direction as to what to do.

A single consolidated system for data visibility and management information

One of the key objectives of implementing a centralized cloud based visitor management solution was to get a single source of information for all visitor related data from all their locations.

Previously, there were tracking visitors manually as a result of which they had no company-wide visibility to visitor data. It involved multiple people spending endless amounts of time extracting data from registers and then getting into one spreadsheet to derive a meaningful report.

With Happy Visitor, they now have one consolidated system which has the same look and feel across the entire business, and users are now confident that the information they have is timely, accurate, and relevant. Not only does this provide the ability to make decisions based on real-time information, but it also means that there is a centralized and standardized process in place for monitoring and managing their visitors.

  • The Happy Visitor Advantage

  • Transforming visitor experience across 4+ locations

  • Enhanced Security with visitor zoning and approval based entry / Exit

  • Cloud-based visitor management system provides pre-visit SMS notifications – avoiding all miscommunications

  • Comprehensive real-time reports available anywhere, anytime

  • Error-free, consistent visitor data provides a clear audit trail

  • Improved cost savings with availability of multi-visit / multi day visitor passes

  • Evacuation reports for emergency evacuation purposes

  • Positively influences visitor perceptions while reducing the costs of managing thousands of visits across multiple locations

About Us

“Happy Visitor is one of world’s leading cloud based Visitor Management Solutions. At Happy Visitor, our aim is to make every organization secure for employees along with making the customer experience exceptional with best in the class features like instant notifications, calendar blocking, Google / outlook calendar integrations etc.”


  • Lack of real time into visitor details across multiple locations

  • Pre-registering expected visitors and delegates was manual, leading to a lot of miscommunication

  • Pre-registering government officials visiting without phone number

  • Visitor zoning and tracking was a huge challenge

  • Reports had to be collated and extracted manually from a single PC

  • Daily pass issue for multi-day visitors

  • Tracking industry visits was manual and tedious

  • Audit issues due to inefficient tracking of visitor exit

  • Visitor Evacuation in case of any exigency was manual

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