Effective Workplace Management During COVID-19


Happy Visitor empowers you to deal better with COVID-19

Know your visitor’s / employees health status to secure your workplace, which minimizes organizations exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. Protect your staff by implementing a smart IR based touchless thermal temperature capture IoT device powered by Happy Visitor’s Touchless Visitor Management System.

Happy Visitor empowers you to deal better
with COVID-19

Using Happy Visitor’s Touchless Workplace Management Solutions

Ensuring employee safety in the workplace is the utmost priority of all the facility and HR managers across the globe especially during COVID-19 Pandemic. Employee health and Safety officers across all the organisations are emphasising on maintaining social distancing practices suggested by the World health organisation.

Many organizations have adopted a work-from-home (WFH) model to temporarily deal with Pandemic. Even though WFH is prevalent, there are going to be visitors who will visit offices for various reasons.

Unknowingly a visitor can be a potential carrier of the virus which may increase your workplace’s exposure to COVID-19. Knowing your Visitors health status even before he/she enters your workplace is one smart move toward your workplace safety.
Hence Smart Facility managers are now adopting touchless technology solutions to minimise the risk of virus transmission in the workplaces.
Happy Visitor’s Touchless Visitor Management system helps you smartly deal with pendamic by eliminating physical touch points required for visitor onboarding. Happy Visitor’s enables your team to create a wonderful visitor onboarding experience ensuring safety and compliances. QR code driven Touchless Visitor Self registration helps you capture the visitors Self health declaration, in line with Arogya setu App. also capture visitors' temperature using a Smart IoT device.  Happy visitor’s enables:

Centralize Your Guest Registration

Make your visitors check-in smartly!

The new easiest way to make your guests check-in digitally and smartly. No Register Only Happy Visitor!

Visitor’s Safety Check


Advanced pre-invitation

Visitor Screening


Digital Visitor Badges

Touchless Health and safety information capture


Detailed reporting

Contactless Check-Ins

The contactless system helps visitors to sign in at your place of work without having to touch anything. Instead, the entire process, from entering their information to printing their badge, totally without touch. It’s safer and quicker.



Contact-less automated technology that assists to screen the visitors. No contamination risks due to the germs.


Touchless Sign-in

Smart QR code driven touchless Visitor self registration process to create contactless Happy Visitor onboarding experience


Abolish Waiting

Streamline your guest check-in by eliminating queues with mobile sign-in invite scheduling and scalable QR code.


Organize Workplace Capacity

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