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The All-In-One Enterprise Focused Register Digitization System

That Eliminates Paper Registers from your front desk, Frees up physical storage space, Decreases costs & Enables you with a clutter-free front desk.

Simple Effortless Setup!!
Trusted By World's Leading Brands Including Fortune 500 companies
Remove Manual Tracking Of
Cloud based interactive web interface.
Hardware agnostics.
Highly configurable.
Compatible to integrate with  3rd party systems.
Ensuring highest level of  data security.
Scalable as per your business demand.
Gives you centralized control for decentralized operations.  
Intuitive reports and dashboards.
User-friendly and simple to be used by your front office and security team
Are you struggling to manage multiple paper registers?

            ·    As per the recent survey, employees spend more than 50% of their time and energy in handling paper driven and dependent operations.

            ·    Retrieval of archived/old records is tedious and time consuming.

            ·    Paper usage in an average office doubles every 3.3 years which in turn increases the cost.

            ·    Auditing physical documents is a cumbersome activity.

            ·    Multiple registers lead to errors.

            ·    Physical storage of records are infrastructure intensive. Hence, maintenance becomes unviable due to high infra cost.

After burning midnight oil for years & consuming a gallon of coffee(of course the filter one!!), our team has crafted a software that's just the right fit for you. 

We have digitized thousands of registers for 200+ organizations.
Register Digitization Enables

Standardization of processes enables faster work at the front office. This reduces the induction time.

Notifications to the employees makes front-office processes hassle-free.
Admin reporting becomes easier and readily available.

Have clear and improved visibility over the registers.

Only the admin can overwrite the data and the dashboard will have the record of it, thus eliminating expense leakages.

      Enables smoother audit. 
Touchless Front Office.
Eco-friendly Workplace.
What are you waiting for?
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